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77 more hits and [ profile] afrakaday's birthday fic from 2013 will reach 60K.

LOTS of hits, very few kudos.

Methinks people are clicking through from somewhere expecting something other than fic. lol


Apr. 29th, 2014 12:55 am
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Rewatching the mini, again, to get some wording right.

Just noticed for the first time that the pilot on the Colonial Heavy tells his passengers to check out the starboard window (I think it was starboard, anyway) to see an old Mark II, which would be escorting them home. Except Lee was flying his Mark VII, wasn't he? He only flew the Mark II for the fly-by. Right?

It's not relevant to this story, but it's just weird that as many times as I've watched the mini, that particular discrepancy never caught my attention.

ETA: No, Lee says it, too. "This old junker I'm in was meant for show, not for combat." So he must've been flying the Mark II for the escort, then returning to G to retrieve his own Viper. Hmm. That doesn't seem efficient to me, but then, it was probably more a plot point than "what would the real military do?" lol
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Got another email, from a different author this time, with basically the same wording.

I get free books, but only if I will read them and give them all five-star reviews, or email the author privately to tell him/her why I didn't like it.

Why even bother reading the books if all they want is a five-star review? I could make one up by scanning a random page here and there and reading the last couple of pages to see how it ends.

I didn't get as angry about this one as I did the first one, but I still think it's offensive for the author to ask for only five-star reviews from the "special" review crew. Completely defeats the purpose of book reviews, if you ask me.
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I did send that email. Here's her response.

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On the other hand, there's the author I did a beta read for over the weekend, and I eviscerated her book (granted, that's what she asked me to do.) and she was so happy with it that she's asked me to become her "official" beta reader - said she's been looking for a new one because her usual one has had some life changes that have made it impossible for her to continue.

That's not a money-making proposition, but it's one more way that the universe is telling me my life is about books/words/writing/reading. Maybe it's time I listened.
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Got an email from an author today. She's putting together a "review crew" type thing, and here's what she wants from reviewers.

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Uh, if that's not against some rule, it ought to be. I am not obligated to give a five-star rating to anyone, and a five-star rating from me is pretty rare, even if I enjoyed the hell out of the book.

I have been known to email an author if there were egregious errors, so that they'd have the chance to fix them with an update (with ebooks, obviously), but really? Someone who gets an advanced copy HAS to give a five-star review? No. And honestly, this makes me rethink every one of her books on my wishlist. Then again, maybe I should read them all and give truly honest reviews, whatever the star rating.
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Wow.  Paul Walker died in a car crash.  Wonder how they'll write that into F&F?

TV: H50

Nov. 17th, 2013 10:41 pm
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That last episode.  Okay, I'm sorry, but they're running around trying to find cell reception to get in touch with someone from HPD.  The frakking kid they were serving the warrant on had internet - he was playing Halo with other people from the mainland.  Why didn't they just use his internet to make contact?  Gods.  Sometimes I wonder why they don't think of the simplest solution to a problem instead of the most complicated.

Then again, if they'd done that, Steve and whatsisname wouldn't had had to spend so much time together.  /That would have been bad.  Because they were so very entertaining. /sarcasm off

ETA:  Alex has a decent seat on a horse.  
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Really, Hawaii Five-0?  Really?  What the frak?

Pansy-ass way to handle that after all that build-up.  I'm horribly disappointed in you.
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Dear news reporting people: to quote my father, "Horses are hung.  Men are hanged."  Please learn to use this word correctly when writing your headlines.

Finished Jericho.  The second season was only seven episodes long, but it managed to end at almost the perfect spot - like maybe someone had a head's-up and planned to bring everything to a sensible stopping place.  There was most definitely more to the story, and it wasn't a happy ending, but nothing major was left unanswered.  My landlord keeps insisting that there are rumors of Netflix or Amazon or somebody trying to pick up the series.  It'd have to be a "five years down the road" sort of deal.  Not that the entire cast would be available.  And it seems unlikely, anyway, since CBS are re-"airing" it online right now.  Gerald McRaney is a scary SOB when he plays the angry father.  (not angry at his kids, angry on behalf of his kids).  And Pamela Reed.  Woman has skilz.  Alas, I never got to see Skeet without his shirt.  Also, the only 'shipping potential was Mom & Dad Greene (Reed/McRaney), who'd been married a really, really long time.  I was rooting for them to make it all the way.  John M. Jackson as the TX diplomat!  That frakking mustache was awful, but it was fantastic to see him again.  I've probably missed him most from my JAG-watching days - Admiral Chegwidden was my favorite.  Considering everything else there is to NOT be proud of about Texas, it was fun to have a little state pride going when our Air National Guard came to the rescue at the end.  :D  And Esai Morales.  Man is a hottie anyway, but put him in army BDUs?  rawr

Also, everybody and their sister and all of their cousins apparently had such a fantastic time at Dragon*Con - attendees, authors, cosplayers, panel-members...  Maybe someday I'll make a trip to Georgia just for D*C.  Face your fears and all that nonsense.  lol

My longfic is now over fifty-five thousands words (55K)!  And it's not even finished yet.  If I can write that much about BSG, I can probably write something original.  Maybe.  The world-building could pose a problem - I still have a hard time believing I could be that imaginative.
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"distance is nothing when it comes to true love and is breathe taking to be on a plane in search of true love, don't you think so"

1.  Bad grammar
2.  OMG
3.  What a load of crap!
4.  Seriously?
5.  OMG  again

This was his reply when he suggested that since I don't IM, we could text each other, and I asked, "Do you really expect me to give my phone number to someone I don't even know?  And you do realize that I'm in Dallas, Texas, nowhere near you, right?"

Holy crapballs, the guys on this site are just stupid.  And this one, in addition to having bad command of written English, can't read, either.

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