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First posted at [ profile] het_reccers for my tenure as special reccer for November.

My view of Longmire is informed by both the series and the books. I watched the series first, then started reading the books, and each enhances my appreciation of the other. I picture the series cast when reading. I love the relationships on the show and in the book series, and am definitely rooting for the Vic/Walt romance for the long haul.

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Recs - obviously, I have a thing for first times. lol
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These are five out of the mere forty fics on AO3. It's a tiny fandom yet, but I enjoy reading Vic/Walt almost as much as I enjoy a good Kara/Lee fic. Almost.
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If you haven't read this little Kara/Laura story, and you're a K/Laura fan, you might enjoy Borrowed Time, by [ profile] mammothluv, from 2009. It's set on New Caprica. It's an achy and melancholy little smut piece.

Fic Rec

Apr. 23rd, 2014 08:11 pm
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If you are a Firefly/Serenity fan, go here and read. It's a really adorable little snippet in a fictional child's life.

Grab a tissue or two before you read, especially if you are a sap like me.
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AO3 has a new collection up, celebrating spring - April Showers. You can add bookmarks to the collection, or add your own works if you're uploading something in April.

Information about the collection is in this announcement.
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So there's this Three Sentences ficathon in someone's journal, and there are lots of great three sentence fics, but I think this is my favorite.

My three sentence fics were total lameness compared to that.
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Day Thirty
Fic for my favorite book pairing
I'll admit, I don't get this one.  Why would I read book fic?  I already read the book.  I've never liked a book pairing so much that I went hunting for fic about them.  So I just made something up.  Honestly, I loved Dresden Files, which is a TV show, and I've tried to "read" the books by listening to them, which is the only way I have them in my possession (audio), and I always fall asleep to the sound of James Marsters talking in my ear.  lol  Anyway, this is to say that I've not read any of these books, and I have no favorite pairing, but I picked one because I read it and it was good enough.  I know - damned with faint praise.  I told you, I don't get the concept of book fic.

Heart's Desire by cassandraoftroy  No idea if the author is on lj or not, her profile gives no information of any kind beyond her pen name.

That's the last of them.  If you want some kind of rec, let me know.  Granted, most of my faves are going to be BSG, but I could probably find JAG or X Files, if pushed, and I've read a fair amount of Veronica Mars and NCIS:LA.  Or, when you're on AO3 reading that one, just go to my Bookmarks and browse.  I've put reasons why I liked something for nearly everything.  I definitely like that feature of AO3.  FF lets me 'favorite' something, but not remind myself why I liked the fic.

Oh, and it's NSFW.
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Day Twenty-Nine
Fic pairing a canon character with an original character
A First Time For Everything by 9091
Dean Winchester/Original Female Character

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Day Twenty-Eight
Fic with a favorite trope (anonymous sex) - another one of my made up categories
Naughty Flight School Interlude by raynidreams on aka [ profile] rirenec on lj (I'm fairly certain her lj is f-locked.)
Lee Adama/Kara Thrace
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Day Twenty-Seven
RPF fic (this is one of my made up categories, because I ran out of rec categories before I ran out of days.)
Run To You by fadedink (Author's profile doesn't mention lj)
Katee Sackhoff/Tahmoh Penikett

It's just a sweet, nostalgic fic.  SFW.

Last three rec categories:
Fic with a favorite trope (category I made up)
Fic pairing a canon character with an original character
Fic for my favorite book pairing (I have to say that this one may be replaced by another category, because I've never read book fic.  I don't get the concept, I guess.)
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Day Twenty-Six
Fic for a pairing with a lot of baggage
The Law Laid Down by sage_theory aka [ profile] sage_theory on lj
Lee Adama/Kara Thrace

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Day Twenty-Five
Crossover fic
For Now by [ profile] jaq_of_spades
Veronica Mars/Eli Navarro, Ziva David/Tony Dinozzo
Veronica Mars, NCIS

She has other great fic that's just VM, but this is easily the best thing of hers I've read.
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Day Twenty-Three
fic that deals with a character I love that was unfairly killed/fridged in canon
I don't know about love, but I did like Kendra quite a lot, and Stephanie and Katee had some great chemistry together.  It sucked that the only part of BSG she was in was Razor, because there was so much more to her story.
Pieces To the Puzzle by useyourlove, or read it on LJ
Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Kendra Shaw
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Day Twenty-Two
kink fic - all NSFW

Ink Stained by hazellazer aka [ profile] rayruz (author's lj may be f-locked - story link is to AO3)
Kara Thrace/Lee Adama
Fancy Maneuvers by hazellazer aka [ profile] rayruz
Kara Thrace/Lee Adama
Public Property by [ profile] isla_verdad (author's lj may be f-locked - story link is to AO3)
Kara Thrace/Lee Adama

This last one I like in part because it makes bold references to things that happened in [ profile] callmeonetrack's Academy Pilots and goes from there.
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And somehow I missed posting yesterday's fic rec, so there'll be two again today.  :sigh:

Day Twenty-One
Pre-series fic
How Apollo Took On Dionysus, and Lost by [ profile] elzed or on AO3
Kara Thrace/Lee Adama
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Okay, so somehow I skipped September 30th entirely, so today you get two fic rec posts, and this one has two fic recs.  Bonus!

Day Twenty
Future fic
Strange New Story Every Time by gyzym (don't know if he/she is on lj)
Veronica Mars/Logan Echolls
Veronica Mars

Morning Light by scifishipper ([ profile] sci_fi_shipper on lj)
Kara Thrace/Lee Adama
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Day Nineteen
Fic with a canon pairing
The Day the Music Died by leakypaintpen
Lee Adama/Anastasia Dualla

I had to dig for this one, y'all.  Most of my BSG fic is K/L, and I thought maybe I should rec something that wasn't K/L for once, and I failed spectacularly.  lol

And also?  How the frak did it get to be October already?  Oy.
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Day Eighteen
Fluffy or Fun fic
Driving Lessons by [ profile] callmeonetrack - Read it on AO3.
Kara Thrace, Lee Adama

The first five lines are way too funny, because they are intentionally misleading.  I laugh out loud every time I read this one.
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Day Seventeen
Fic with a crossover pairing
Rising Sign by [ profile] ninety6tears
Kara Thrace/Jim Kirk, Kara Thrace/Leonard McCoy

Should I go back and put ratings on these things, or mark the ones that are Not Safe For Work?
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Day Sixteen
Fic by a favorite author
Bliss In Every Thorn by [ profile] alyse
Abby Maitland/Connor Temple

I found alyse through her posts on [ profile] mmom and though I've never seen an episode of Primeval, she has a way of making the characters clear to me, and I've really enjoyed her ficlets.  This one is one of my favorites.

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