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Okay, so I spent a goodly number of hours at the ER overnight, because my right hand hurt a LOT. Like I couldn't pick up a pen a lot. Called the Nurse Line, and the nurse told me it didn't sound like an emergency, but I should get it looked at within twenty-four hours, and I could go to any of the walk-in clinics in the hospital system.

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I have the weirdest fucking life.

For reference:

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Is there a secret to reading ff dot net stories on my Kindle? I can't figure out a way to print it to a PDF, or send it anywhere, or even to see the whole story on one page.

Gods. I hate reading on ff. Why do people like it so much? Higher traffic, maybe?

There are several stories I want to read, but don't have time to read *right now*, and there's no way to save them for later like there is on AO3, so I've been sending the links to myself in emails, but it's getting a little ridiculous. I like to read longer stories on my Kindle - I save them for bedtime reading.
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I followed a link on a comm today to try to learn something more about using appropriate language with people who are not me. I finished the article, read the comments, and ended up more confused than ever. I still don't know what to call people who aren't me. Over the last year, I've learned that the label I put on myself isn't appropriate - it has to be prefaced. So if I don't know what to call myself, how am I supposed to know what to call everyone else?

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My apologies if I failed to express myself adequately or if I did it in a way that offends you. It is definitely not intentional.
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Criminal Minds, you kill me every year.  And it wasn't the finale, but I love the little glimpses we get of JJ's Will, and the way she decided to work off that bad juju was great.

I have seventeen (!!!!!) pieces, BSG and original, in various stages of done, and having my beta-reader otherwise occupied for the past month is driving me crazy.  I'm hopeful that with school letting out, her life will slow down soon.  Cross my fingers.  I might have to go over there and make her read while we're watching TV.  I can just see that.  "Here.  Read my porn, please.  No, I don't want cookies (I'd be lying), I want to finish my stupid stories so I can post the porn."  lmao

Arrow is not a perfect show, but it's got really great moments, and there were a lot of them during the last four or five episodes of the season.  During the scene where Oliver was trying to tell Tommy he'd be fine, there was so much homoerotic subtext that it wasn't even subtext.  Damn.  I swear I thought Oliver was going to kiss Tommy and I think it might've been hotter than Oliver kissing Lauren.  lol  And what's with Diggle?  All of a sudden he's running around in tank tops and he's even buffer than Oliver?  The shoulders on that man.  See, the show gives me plenty of eye-candy, and for that alone, I will continue to watch it.  John Barrowman.  :flails:  And that little moment with Thea and Roy?  Awwww.  I kind of like the idea of Oliver and Lauren, but frankly, there's more chemistry between Oliver and Felicity, and that's not even considering her continual verbal sexual innuendos.  How is Oliver ignoring those with a straight face?  Hell, how is the actress saying those lines with a straight face?  Every time she lets one fly, I think of the story Like Something Out of a Fanfic and it makes me laugh.

Once Upon a Time is getting too convoluted for me.  These two are conspiring with each other, and she's conspiring with him and he's conspiring with another her and she's become a barfly and where the hell is Red?  And Charming is boring again without his gun.  I still have the last three episodes to watch, and I will.  Ethan Embry is wasted here.  And seriously, this show does not have enough sex - everybody wears too many clothes.

Still have Revenge and Castle to finish up for the season.

I'm liking Grimm a lot better then OUaT right now.  I could listen to Sasha Roiz read the script in a monotone, if he would do it in French.  He has very pretty eyes.  I'm wondering where the Juliet thing is going.  Something's off with that.

I think I'm going to skip the rest of Monday Mornings, except for the shower scene, of course, when I visit my TV friend.  I'm also not going to bother to watch Revolution or Touch.  I'd really like to watch a few episodes of Bates Motel - I love the two leads - and see if it appeals to me.  And A&E is having a marathon of Katee's Longmire today, with the new season starting tomorrow, I think.  I have to catch up on Person of Interest, too, since I can only watch that one on the DVR.

I ran into a professional cook at Kroger today.  I was trying to find something for which I had a "free" coupon, and he asked what it was I wanted to make.  He was describing making something, and he's all "bip bip bip and it's done" and it was adorable.  I explained that I suck at cooking, unless it comes in a box or has very strict instructions, whereas my brother can pick six random things off the shelf and make something fantastic.  He said he could do that, too.  I envy that, but more I envy that he likes to cook.  I just hate it.  Cooking is all hot and sweaty and there's no good payoff.  I mean, yeah, there's food at the end of it, but if I want to eat, I have to cook every day, and that is just a big fat pain in the ass with nothing to show for it but ten minutes of eating and then dishes.  I just need to win the lottery.  Plus, I got back from Kroger and realized that I didn't pick up one of the three things I even went for.  :sigh:

Having a latex allergy and then finding out that something I used has latex in it?  So not fun.  At least my morphine allergy makes pretty purple poofies on my skin.  The latex makes my skin look like I have leprosy.  Ick.  And ow.

My new Kindle will not let me download the app that lets me read my Nook books on my Kindle.  Frakker.  The Nook is just not as user-friendly, and makes reading slow and cumbersome.

I finished the first round of editing on the first book, and the author did not take out a contract on me when she saw all the red - MS Word's Track Changes is the bomb diggety.  She just said, "Wow.  I missed a lot."  I'm liking that response, because it means I will likely get to keep the contract for the rest of her books, which means money in my pocket at the end of each book.  I like money.  lol  
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Someone please to be posting Friday Night Fun now.  My Friday night doesn't really start until kink gets posted.  I'm going into withdrawal here, not to mention my Pilots need to get laid.  I need prompts!

Everyone on my flist who's not in the BSG fandom, just move along.  Nothing to see here.  :D
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So, I wrote this short piece (very short) back in mid-January, Class Is Cancelled.  When I posted it, it was complete as-is, but I had a line of dialogue between Lee and Zak that happened later, so I knew there was/could be more to the story.  Over the last couple of weeks, I've written what could be considered a follow-up/companion piece or a next chapter, or else CIC was a prologue to a much longer fic and I just didn't know it yet.

Anyway, my usual partner in crime is tied up with her boyfriend, fiance now, again, and I am just not patient enough to wait days for her to look at it.  I don't need beta so much as just - does it really fit with Class Is Cancelled, i.e. should I link them?  Does this part feel complete for what it is - does it end at a reasonable place?  Do the other little bits and pieces fit in this anywhere, or in a third part?

If it goes where I'm starting to see it going, it'll be Lee/Kara at the end, but it's not right now.  It's also not very smutty.  :(  I've got it in a Google document to which I can share the link via email, if anybody is interested in giving it a quick once-over.

Anybody?  This doesn't have to be an ongoing thing, unless you want it to be.  For the most part M is pretty good about looking at what I've written and making suggestions every day.

On a different note, I wrote another extremely short original piece and another RPF, but I only posted them on Ao3, not to my fic journal.  I don't think anyone here  on lj reads my original stuff anyway, what little of it there is so far, and my RPF is mostly practice, because I'm not really satisfied with it, but what the hell.

And just to make this post not quite so pathetic, I saw a picture of Katee with a tiny new puppy.  They were snuggled up together and she was asleep.  It was way too cute.  Why does she have to be so adorable?

OK.  Maybe that's still pathetic.
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So I was walking out into the back porch (what the landlord calls the "game room") and I put my foot down wrong and fell off the step.  Luckily, even though I heard something pop, I did not break my ankle.  I can walk on it, and it doesn't even hurt too much, but it's a little stiff.  I can breathe, so I did not break a rib - I've never done that, but I hear it hurts like crazy.  My elbow hurts, too, but where I have the most pain is high up my left side, what someone might call the "side boob".  :)  I bruise pretty easily anyway, so I imagine in a day or so, I will be VERY colorful under there.  While I'm waiting for it to be pretty, it just hurts.  A lot.

Speaking of injuries, whatever I did to my finger last time I visited my TV friend, it still hurts.  Yesterday, I had to carry in landlord's groceries and even though it wasn't carrying the brunt of the weight, my finger was very unhappy with me for several hours.  I also came back from *his* doctor visit with a weird crimson rash on my foot and shin.  :sigh:

Ending on a good note, I finished what I thought would be an epilogue to a short piece I'd already written and posted, and it turned out much longer than I anticipated and it sparked some more dialogue, which may or may not fit into this second part or become a third part all on its own.

Also to the good, I watched In the Cold Light of Day yesterday from Redbox, and even though I'd never heard of it, I quite enjoyed it.  If his performance there is any indication, Henry Cavill will make a superb Superman in whichever version he's making.  And best of all, he's not 18 and beautiful anymore, so I don't have to feel guilty for that.  lol  He's still extremely attractive, just not beautiful.  Interesting note, based on his performance in Count of Monte Cristo, he was Stephenie Meyer's first choice for Edward Cullen.  That would have been an entirely...different movie.  Alas, by the time they made the movies, he was "too old" and didn't look 17 anymore, so they got stuck with whatsisname and whatshername and somehow the movies ended up being even worse than the books, which were already just bad.

Oh, and I got an almost-solid nine hours of sleep, which is practically cause for a party.  lol
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Through the judicious use of sleep, birthday coupons, landlord's housewarming party, and gifts from friends, I managed to go the entire month of February without cooking.  I did heat up frozen pizza in the oven twice, but I'm not counting that as cooking.

Some guy on OKCupid wanted to chat, so I let him have my gmail IM, and two days later, he's telling me how he's starting to have "extra feelings" for me.  For. Crying. Out. Loud.  I'm on that stupid thing so I can find friends, and I'm very clear about that in my profile.   Also, TWO DAYS?????

Landlord's birthday was today, and a friend wanted to take him to dinner at a Brazilian place.  Yay for me, because hey, free meal, since I have to drive him all over creation, unless they want to come get him, which they definitely do not.  They have too many cats.  So many cats that I had to go back outside five minutes after I walked in the door.  It was horrible.  The residual smell almost kept me from eating.

I am amusing myself with new fic by working my way forward through beyond_insane.  Lots and LOTS of locked stuff, or purged journals.  I wish that when journals were purged, so were entries leading to them.  Sometimes the fic sounds really intriguing, and then DENIED.  Frakkers.

Speaking of fic, the muse has been silent.  Ominously so.  Oh, well, I'm still getting ideas, so she's just on a little extended vacation or something.  I mean, it took her 47 years to show up the first time, so I guess a little patience is called for.

I managed to move my storage unit from Euless to East Dallas - from a large one to one one-fourth its size.  That took some serious Tetris-like thinking to get things packed in there properly.  See?  Video games ARE good for something.

Finally, my grandson is still handsome and smart.  I like to end on a positive note.  :D


Nov. 24th, 2012 11:22 am
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I find myself wanting to reread a fic, and didn't "memorize" it.  I cannot for the life of me remember who wrote it or the title.  Frak.
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One thing about living with a blind person - they listen to *everything.*  And my landlord/roommate, he listens to everything loud, so if he's awake, I am constantly listening to his email or whatever book or magazine he's reading.  For someone who is accustomed to and likes quiet, the ever-present noise is unpleasant.

Thankfully, I can and often do close my door, and that lessens the noise, and I also invested in a decent pair of headphones, mostly for when I'm watching "TV" but even just putting them on cuts down on his noise significantly.

He really likes to talk, though, and a closed bedroom door does not stop him.  Urgh.  I am almost ashamed to say that I frequently listen only with enough attention that I can answer questions if he asks them.  Otherwise, I just pretty much let him blather on, because he can carry the entire conversation by himself.  It's particularly annoying, though, if I've already listened to him make four phone calls and tell those four people the same thing he's now telling me.  I have at least mostly broken him of the habit of just walking into my room and starting to talk.  He makes sure that I'm actually in my room now.
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My phone is a new phone, one I've had a very short time. It is obvious that whoever had it before was in a world of some kind of hurt, because I've had calls from numerous collection agencies, and someone identifying themselves as FBI.

This morning I was happily sleeping away at 6:44am when my phone rang and woke me out of a great dream. Because of the hour, and the fact that my daughter is away with her grandparents, I was predisposed to answer it.

Some guy asked for somebody who's last name started with C, and I asked him if he knew what time it was and without waiting for an answer, I told him. I also told him there was no one at this number by whatever-the-first name-was, or by whatever-the-last-name-was. He apologized and hung up.

Almost exactly half an hour later, when I had FINALLY gotten back to sleep, the phone rings again. Same guy. Outraged, I tell him emphatically, "it's 7:15 in the morning!"

His response? "Ma'am, I'm glad you're keeping track of the time. We're just trying to reach so-and-so, and we're having some problems."

I explained that calling at this hour for either solicitation OR bill collecting was illegal, and that if he called me again, especially since I had now told him twice that it was a wrong number, he would not be a happy man.

Thank you so much for the snide comment, asshat. Now, stop fucking calling me!!

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