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Jun. 4th, 2014 11:33 pm
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I watched the first two episodes of Night Shift. I'd been waiting for this to come on, and by the time it did, I couldn't remember why.

It's set in San Antonio, and Brendan Fehr is in it. That's why.

The first episode didn't exactly suck, but holy crap, it was so over-the-top with stereotypes and cliches. There was a whole little side story with Brendan Fehr's character being gay, and not willing to come out because he's military and he'd lose his job.

That is not San Antonio. I grew up there. I realize they have to take some poetic license, but seriously. They didn't even try. And uh, no, dude, you won't lose your military job for being gay. You might for having a second job, though.

I'll probably watch a couple more episodes, just to be sure. Last night's episode was much better, but still pretty weak. I mean, how did surgeon-dude know that suicide-guy was even the right blood type, much less tissue type, to match the other guy that needed a heart? Tissue typing isn't magically done in minutes, y'all. Unless it is. Please feel free to correct me if you know.

At least all the stupid pretending to be Texas/Texan crap was gone.

But Brendan Fehr. Why can't he be in something good? That I actually watch. I loved him as Booth's brother, but I stopped watching Bones a long time ago. That's another show I'll probably binge watch someday when I have Netflix or something. It's too hard with my memory issues to keep up when months go by between episodes. Plus it got frakking boring.
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I followed a link on a comm today to try to learn something more about using appropriate language with people who are not me. I finished the article, read the comments, and ended up more confused than ever. I still don't know what to call people who aren't me. Over the last year, I've learned that the label I put on myself isn't appropriate - it has to be prefaced. So if I don't know what to call myself, how am I supposed to know what to call everyone else?

Ramblings and emotional flailing below. )

My apologies if I failed to express myself adequately or if I did it in a way that offends you. It is definitely not intentional.
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I went to the CVS this evening to return my redbox and take the landlord to get his McDeath for dinner.  As I was driving away from the CVS, my car started acting funny.  Thanks be to my misadventurous youth, I know what a car feels like when it's running out of gas, so I maneuvered to a blank spot in the parking lot and had myself a little think.

We ended up walking over to McD to get his food, since he's insulin-dependent, and I don't want to deal with blood sugar issues.  He did not have the dog or the cane, so he couldn't walk home.

We get back to the car, and we're trying to brainstorm who to call.  His father, the obvious choice because he lives five minutes away, has already turned his phone off for the night.  His brother, on a rare in-town weekend, is actually camping with his kid.   I could walk to the gas station, but I have no gas can and no money to buy one.  He's willing to spring for gas, but doesn't have enough to buy a gas can, too.  What happened to the days when gas stations would have a gas can on hand and let you borrow it?

I'm scrolling through my phone and it's all Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, DC, New York, Texas!  Oh, wait, he lives two hours away.  Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, damn I know a lot of people in OK.   I finally found someone and managed to get hold of her after three unanswered calls, and so a ten-minute trip to get food turned into a three-hour sit in the car.  She got there, had already procured a gas can and had filled it, and a random guy that she just happened to know was there and offered to come help.

Anyway, car started right up, I got a tank full of gas (I asked for it last week, but this is not the way I anticipated it happening, lol), and I even got my Felix the Cat watch, my Fossil Felix the Cat watch back, because my friend had found it a week or so ago, and remembered it was mine.

While we were sitting there, I commented that the one time I leave the house without my Kindle is the one time I needed something to occupy my time.  After I declared that I was never leaving the house again without my entire purse, including my Kindle, we had a good ten minutes riffing on what would be in the magical backpack in the trunk from now on (included a tent, a camp stove, chainsaw (wtf) and various other goodies).

We also talked about )

And on that note, what stopped me from calling any of a dozen people was the idea behind saying, "Hey, I ran out of gas, will you come rescue me?" which is, "Hey, I'm a loser who doesn't even have enough money to put gas in my own car, and I ran out of gas five minutes from my own house, and won't your Saturday night suck if you come help me."  Gah!  I complain that no one ever calls me for help, even though I would, gladly, even at my own inconvenience.  So what makes me think that others don't want the same opportunity?  My head is a frakked up place.  I'm blaming the 60s.

But.  Full tank of gas.  Felix the Cat. I bow to the universe.
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withdrawal from Effexor SUCKS. Beyond the telling of it. I have no words. If you can help it, don't start using this drug.

I am working very hard to keep myself centered. If I'm ugly to you in the near future, PLEASE do not take it personally.
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My unending gratitude to those of you who saw my plea and visited my eBay store and bought something. Your purchase helped me enormously, and my stuff is now safe from auction. Your enjoyment of your purchases can be enriched by the warm fuzzy that comes from helping someone in need.

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You probably don't want to, but go ahead anyway )

I really miss LJ and hope that SOON I can get back over here on at least a weekly basis. Looking for work/clients is time-consuming and frankly, exhausting.
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While I was at Mayday on Saturday, I heard that my lawyer wanted desperately to talk to me. I emailed her. Because she wasn't able to get hold of me late last year, she has withdrawn from my case. I had a credit balance and my ex was in prison. How was I supposed to know there'd be more to do? At least half my fault for not being certain that she had a current address, and still aggravating, cause now I have to find a new lawyer.

On the other hand, in talking to a friend on Saturday, I let slip that I hadn't been able to pick up Kid's medication because I couldn't pay for it. She handed me her debit card and told me to go get it. Let me know how much it is so I can subtract it. Wow. Sometimes I am amazed when I get these reminders about what great friends I have. Like what did I do to deserve having such incredible people love me? I know that I've turned my life around and become the kind of person I'd like to have as a friend, and it definitely wasn't always that way.

I'm thankful for the serendipities that come along sometimes and thwap me in the head. :)
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Well, read at your own risk. Or don't. You might not want to today. I am still dealing with my pet's death, and today just bites emotionally. Many rhetorical questions and mixed tenses ahead.

So, some days there must be a rule that says "I am the daughter and it is my right to make your life as sucky as mine appears to be, so there." Like we don't have more important things to fight about, I was fighting with her because she was helping, for crying out loud. WTF? I need a nice three week rest in a spa with medication, I swear. She's bored, so therefore she's hungry and cranky and just generally a pain to be around. Gameboys and books aren't enough. Whatever.

You know that Zach Malloy song, Early Morning Phone Call? Yeah, that's the one. He's from here in the metroplex, btw. Until recently, whenever I'd hear that song, I immediately thought of my cousin, coincidentally named Zack, who was a fabulous person all the way around. Police officer, volunteer firefighter, big brother extraordinaire, one of those people who make you want to be a better person. Always polite and courteous. I still miss him. Anyway, back to the point, if there is one. I had a cat, two cats, actually. One, named George, was MY cat. Didn't really like anyone but me, though he tolerated others or hid away while they were around. Quite the opposite of my other cat, Merlin, who is a lapslut for anyone human. George was a gift from my aunt, the Manx breeder. Merlin was a gift from the friends who star in the remainder of the story.

So, awhile back, my mother died. Not really emotionally impacting. And lest that sound harsh, I knew she was dying. Knew, in fact, that she was killing herself as slowly as it is possibly to do with alcohol, and in denial until the day she died. Of more impact was that I spent five grueling weeks cleaning out her house. Trash, crap, unbelievable amounts of just junk, a three bedroom house sorted down to a storage unit after all is said and done. So, I only worked with my Mon/Thur client, and made next to no money. Unfortunately, two days before my mother died, I had given notice, gladly, at my apartment. Only I forgot to look for a place to live in all the working day and night at my mom's house.

I have wonderful friends, two of whom offered to put me/kid/cats up until I could dig myself out of the Fort Worth style pothole I got into financially. Things went fairly well. I pitched in on groceries, paid the cable bill, picked up and dropped off kids, bought cat food, just generally helped around the house when I thought about it. I'm not the perfect long-term houseguest, but I tried.

About a month ago on a Saturday morning, the two parents were out of the house. Kid and I were vegging. I was thinking about a shower sometime soon. I hear this sound, like an animal in pain. Kid beats me to the back door and starts yelling that the dogs are hurting a little dog. I'm running out the back door, still behind Kid and she starts screaming, "George, George!" I get out there and start issuing orders while a corner is falling out of the bottom of my elevator. Who knew a cat would have such impact on my life? He's meowing like he knows that momma's there and she'll fix everything. I tried. I got on the phone with the vet, tried cat CPR, drove (defensively, of course) like a madwoman to another vet who was closer, only to have them tell me that he was already dead, and charge me $45 for the privilege of cremating his body. You know it would have been more to have his ashes returned to me than it cost to cremate my mother? Somebody's got a freakin' racket. I go home, take a very long shower, can't stop crying all day. My friends return, one at a time, because their boy called them (he was a rock throughout the trip to the vet's). The first one's there when I get out of the shower and she combed my hair for a few minutes - something that used to soothe her as a child, and told me that there were a number of adoptable cats on the Moonlady list. The other one just said she's really sorry that this happened, and I'm left feeling a bit empty by the apology. I've known this girl since I was 15, well over half my life, and her apology is just so mechanical. I wonder if I really know her at all. Apparently, I have expectations of how people will act when their animals are responsible for killing my cat, and boy did they fall short. I'm still wondering why no one's reimbursed my vet bill, or why I had to go on Sunday to buy more cat food (we buy it from a feed store in Garland), and why no one, still, has hugged me or sat down on the couch and held my hand, or really anything. I'm still wondering why the person who belongs to one of the three dogs still didn't know three days later what her dog had done because no one had called her. She was heartfelt in her apology, using words like horrified, embarrassed, stunned and the like, and asked during the course of the conversation what I wanted/needed to make me feel better about the whole thing. I didn't know then, and don't know now. She came and got her dog because I asked her to do it and had just gotten a place where she has room for the dog.

And now, to just make my day, Kid wants to watch the final episode of Touched by an Angel. Guess I need to find the tissues.

The next day, I spent as much time out of the house as I could, because I just didn't want to be in the same place as those damn dogs, and continued to try to avoid being home as often as possible. It took nearly two weeks before I stopped being so angry at them I wanted to rip them apart. I moved out two weeks ago, to a residence hotel down the freeway. Though it's small, the privacy is very welcome. Now I feel as though the friendship might possibly recover someday without the constant reminders that my cat's murderers are running around scot-free. I know, calling dogs murderers, right? I don't know what else to say. I left Merlin there, since he's related to all but one cat in the house, and adopted the oldest boy almost as soon as we started staying there. Things have started seeming more normal, and we've made it to school and work on time or early (something to which Kid seems deathly allergic - she inherited that from my mother, without a doubt ).

I had a tough day, the first day back at work after George died. My client was very understanding and shared some memories of her own pet, and since a big part of my job involves being left alone to just do my work, I coped by being very busy. I've been busy a lot the last few weeks.

My aunt has told me that there'll be another cat for me whenever I'm ready. Someday.
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Had a lot of fun yesterday. Got to see people I only see a few times a year, got a sunburn (grrr to me, cause I know better than to sit in direct sunlight for more than 10 seconds without a burka), got to see Jul again (who's just as cute as I remembered) and trade Angel tapes, got a glimpse of her car, which is very swanky, and got to sit in a parking lot waiting for my brother for two hours. That part wouldn't have been so much fun, but I nearly always have a book with me, and so the time passed fairly easily. He let me bring home my VCR and DVD player, since he's not really using them, so maybe staying in this little room won't be so boring on nights when there is no Law & Order (which there've been a lot of lately, thank you very much).

I thought the guy next to me left yesterday, and maybe he did, but whoever replaced him makes the same noises in the morning, and rises at a ridiculous hour for a Sunday. hmmph. So, on the second of two days I should have been able to sleep in, I was awake at 7:45a.m. hmmph-hmmph. grrr. I guess this too shall pass.

The group with whom I went to see X-Men are all going to see X2 with me. Wheeee! Maybe we can have mexican food before the movie again. Opening night, here we come...

Off to do client work. Good thing I like numbers, so punching them in on a Sunday is more fun than it could otherwise be.
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Fred Savage as a bad guy is disturbing.

I am sooo looking forward to MayDay tomorrow! (and now that it's Saturday, that's today) OK, so it's not really Beltane yet, but we're celebrating tomorrow anyway. I don't attend many public festivals anymore, and I look forward to Beltane every year. Not that I'm going to get any, but it's Beltane for Goddess' sake. I can hope. ;)

X2 has me at the edge of my seat in anticipation. I have been waiting for this sequel since I walked out of the theater at the end of the first one, and now even TIVO has hopped onto the preview trailer train. May 2nd can't get here too soon for me.

So, Doe's supposed to believe that Digger is a part of Phoenix? It'd be an interesting twist, but I'm not sure I buy it. It'd have interesting implications, though, and open the entire season to reinterpretation. And it would make it vastly more interesting than NCIS/JAG was on Tuesday.

And, as I edit my post this fine morning, there are morons next door who apparently think it's perfectly acceptable to make way too much noise at this ridiculous hour. They woke me up at 7:50 for crying out loud, on a day I was muchly anticipating sleeping in. Grrrrr.

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