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All things considered, I recommend reading this one on AO3, so you can check the tags.

Theme: Accept a challenge for something you wouldn't normally write.
Prompt: Kara/Bill/Saul (singerdiva)

I think the combination of people is enough of a warning. I hope so, anyway.

Lee and Helo are both mentioned, but neither have speaking parts.

This ficlet makes reference to Colonial Fleet hazing practices mentioned in Being the CAG by technosage. That fic is much better. Go read it.

To do that, click on the 'bsg' tag on the right side of the first chapter, and you'll find all five parts listed.
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Remix of [ profile] kleenexcow's delightful drabble Thrace Agathon.

Thrace Agathon is her creation.

Thanks to [ profile] newnumbertwo and [ profile] laura_mayfair for the beta!

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Rating is for themes, violence, and sexual content. Nothing's graphic, but...I'd rather err on the side of caution when it comes to this.

Summary: Kara and Saul come back from New Caprica damaged. Okay, more damaged.

Many fervent thanks to newnumbertwo and laura_mayfair for their beta and friendship.

advice and mild spoilers for the fic )
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Prompt: textsfromlastnight - Yesterday you said I was the best.
No, I said you DID your best. There's a huge difference.

Thanks to [ profile] newnumbertwo for the beta!

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For whatever reason, these all turned out depressing or angsty, and nearly all involve character death.

Starbuck Made an Impression, K/Zak, PG, AU
Zak didn't go to flight school. )

Recipe For Sorrow, K/Zak, K/Lee, PG, AU,
Zak didn't drink that night. )

Dinner With the Family, K/Zak, PG, AU
Zak told his dad about his relationship with Kara. )

Moving Target, Kara, Karl, Eight, PG, AU
Karl lets Kara shoot. )

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