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Edge of WildEdge of Wild by Danika Stone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FULL DISCLOSURE: I had the pleasure of reading this many months ago as an alpha reader, and I was gifted a digital copy of this book by the author. I am on the street team for this book. None of that in any way impacts my opinions. DK knows I would tell her if it blew.

Edge of Wild

The story has changed so much from initial writing to now, and is a better book for the input of Stonehouse Publishing.

Edge of Wild is a mystery. It's a love story. It's a paean to the Northern Rocky Mountains and Waterton, Alberta, Canada. It's a peek into the secrets kept even, perhaps especially, in a small town. Some of those secrets are worth killing over.

Rich is a fish out of water in Waterton, and he plans to enjoy the challenge of getting a hotel up and running in an area with not enough tourist traffic. What little enjoyment he has, though, is ruined piecemeal, with problems ranging from relatively fixable issues like plumbing to much more dangerous vandalism, along with creepy discoveries both in and outside of the hotel.

Lou is appealingly odd, and befriends Rich from the start when he brings his car in for repairs. She's got a gift for fixing things, a story for everything, and a ready smile whenever Rich shows up.

Edge of Wild is very much Rich's story, and yet Lou as his touchstone is integral to the plot.

You'll encounter suspense aplenty, with several smaller mysteries contributing to the larger plot arc. Intense descriptions of the scenery made me question more than once why I wasn't living there instead of in Texas.

Edge of Wild kept me reading every evening, is on my "rereadable" list, and has me more than curious about what comes next for this small town.

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Got an email from an author today. She's putting together a "review crew" type thing, and here's what she wants from reviewers.

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Uh, if that's not against some rule, it ought to be. I am not obligated to give a five-star rating to anyone, and a five-star rating from me is pretty rare, even if I enjoyed the hell out of the book.

I have been known to email an author if there were egregious errors, so that they'd have the chance to fix them with an update (with ebooks, obviously), but really? Someone who gets an advanced copy HAS to give a five-star review? No. And honestly, this makes me rethink every one of her books on my wishlist. Then again, maybe I should read them all and give truly honest reviews, whatever the star rating.
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The other day, I was comparing buying books on Barnes and Noble to buying them on Amazon.  Mentally, I was doing this.  One of the things I really hate about BN is that books can have starred reviews with no text, and reviews can be left anonymously.  This does not help me decide whether or not I want to read a book, nor does the anonymous factor give me confidence that it's not someone close to the author just leaving bucketloads of five-star reviews, which is why I generally read the reviews on Amazon, even if I'm buying a book for my Nook.  :sigh:  So, I'm ranting about it in my head (yes, I do this) and it occurs to me that I could copy all my reviews from Amazon over to BN.  Not that I think I'm the best reviewer in the history of reviewers, but even if my reviews don't help anybody, they can't hurt.  So, yeah, that's tonight's project.  Yes, I know I'm strange.

I get to spend the weekend with a friend, catching up on the TV on her DVR, stuff she saves to watch with me.  We have loads of fun, giggling and cackling and ogling, and commenting on whether or not certain characters reflect well on their real-life counterparts (mostly, this relates to military and police, because we like both).  She has promised me there will be chocolate, and since my landlord/roommate still hasn't sprung to fix the frakkin' washer, I'll get to do my laundry.  Huzzah!

I'll be staying in Dallas this year for Thanksgiving.  My girlfriend is having some issues at home and doesn't have room to put me up.  This is sad-making, because I so look forward to being home in SA every year and spending time with her.  We love to antique together, and we try to always fit in a trip to Bussey's just to see what's out there.  We've found some really fantastic bargains out there in years past.  Thanksgiving is pretty much the only time I see her until I'm able to move back home.  Plus, we host Airmen from Lackland every year, and that's always fun for us and them.

I'm slowly but steadily working my way forward in the No Takebacks comm, and there have been some really fascinating conversations about pilots and BSG in general, plus LOTS of pretty pictures.  I've only managed to watch the mini on my new DVDs, but I did luck into season three on swapadvd, and my TV friend mentioned above has said that she wants to watch BSG, too.  I will just adore watching BSG with her.  And maybe corrupting her into hot!pilots! fandom.  ;D  Plus, I have to find someone to clean the surface of a couple of the DVDs I have.  The mini has forty seconds that are messed up (the President's my Captain Apollo moment with Lee) and the last DVD in 2.5 looks like it might have a tiny scratch.  :(


Oct. 22nd, 2012 12:35 am
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Made myself write two reviews. One was a freebie on Amazon, and another was a request from someone. Neither was a good book, and I was really frustrated to read two crappy books in a row.

Now, to reward myself, I shall read more Battlestar Galactica smut. That'll get rid of the aftertaste from those books.

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