Jun. 22nd, 2014 04:50 am
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Can anyone who's used Fandango tell me how it works? The website is very non-explanatory - just a lot of pictures and graphics.

I got a Fandango gift card from someone yesterday, and I'm not at all familiar with it, so I have no idea if I should keep it or try to trade it for something else.
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Wow.  Paul Walker died in a car crash.  Wonder how they'll write that into F&F?

Ads suck

Nov. 9th, 2013 03:16 am
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For a couple of minutes, I was actually intrigued enough to think I might want to see Frozen over Thanksgiving.  Then I saw the trailer 27 more times while watching SVU, and I got over it.

Advertising fail.
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I was rewatching Pump Up the Volume, because I needed a good makeout scene for inspiration - I'd forgotten that it was all innuendo and UST.

Music is fun.  Christian Slater's voice gives me the shivers - always has.  I love the premise - new kid no one even knows gets everyone all riled up to take a deeper look at what's going on in a seemingly perfect school.  First appearance of Samantha Mathis, who I've liked in the few things in which I've seen her.  I think they were together again in Broken Arrow?

I adore the little dance they do around each other, just circling, then when they finally kiss, it's over almost as soon as it started.

But what I really like?  The freckles on Christian Slater's back and shoulders.  I am a sucker for freckles.

Oh, and a super-young, way pre-Buffy Seth Green.  So skinny and geeky-looking!  Too cute!  I'm also a sucker for red-heads.  lol
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Day Eight
Fic about my favorite movie pairing
They Say Miracles Are Past - They're Wrong by [ profile] elzed who is definitely also on lj.
Kat Stratford/Patrick Verona
Ten Things I Hate About You

I don't necessarily 'ship movie pairings, but I loved this movie and I miss Heath Ledger - if he were still around, he and Katee would play off each other as Joker and Harley Quinn so marvelously.  And the characterization in this fic is, in my opinion, perfect.  I mean, I could hear Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger talking, perfect.
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Riddick - started slow for me.  A smidge over the first half hour was just Riddick.  Then the other merc team.  Then Dahl's merc team.  The action was good. The snark was good.  Dahl was pretty badass.  Totally out-Starbucked Starbuck.  lol  It was interesting to go into the movie knowing how some of the stunts were done from Katee's tweets.  Didn't make them any less impressive to me.  There was more to the story, and I would love to see Vin and Katee team up to do another one if the story's good.  I do want to see this again when I can have captions on.  I missed some dialogue.

Pacific Rim - that's Charlie Hunnam?  He is SO not Christian Grey, but I digress.  Interesting premise.  I came out of the story about two-thirds of the way through, realizing I was watching a Godzilla movie, only not.  lol  I've never even seen a Godzilla movie, but that's what it amounts to.  Human ingenuity and the will to live wins out in the end, but there was no feeling of accomplishment really - there was nobody with whom to identify, except for the two pilots sitting on the ocean waiting for rescue.  I could definitely relate the Drift partnership to Pilots - whether I saw them romantically or not.  And speaking from the POV of a smutmonger, that fight scene with the sticks was totally foreplay.  :D
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Decided since I had to turn the oven on for dinner, I'd just keep it on and make cookies.  Frakkin' gas oven heats up the entire neighborhood.  Used a Kitchen-Aid for the first time.  Man, that is a thousand times better than a hand mixer.  Oh, yes.

Baked from a recipe given to me by [ profile] texaswillow, and it didn't turn out quite as well as hers usually do.  But you know, that's just because she's got this cookie thing down to a science (pretty much all she does during November and December is bake cookies and work.  lol  Luckily, I'm a taste-tester for her new recipes.  And she lets me lick the paddles sometimes.  While we cackle at the TV and make rude comments on the various attributes of the eye-candy presented for our delectation.  :D

Anyway, I subbed generic splenda for the sugar, and it didn't make any difference to me in taste, so one thing down in the quest for healthier cookies.

Now I haz cookies.  Chocolate chip, of course.  I want to try the oatmeal-chocolate chip next.

Since I had to be in there anyway, I went ahead and made two days worth of tea.  One less thing to do tomorrow.

Now I can finally sit down and eat the dinner that's been cooling for forty minutes.  lol

Landlord:  Have you ever heard the song Bare Necessities?
Me:  From the Jungle Book?
Landlord:  Yes.
Me:  Dude, I'm 48 years old.  Of course I've heard the song.  :starts singing it in my head:
Landlord:  Well, I'm only a year younger than you and I've never seen the movie all the way through.  I'd never heard the song.

No.  He did not just say he's never gotten all the way through Disney's Jungle Book.  Nuh-uh.  Now I'll have to find a copy somewhere, 'cause that just doesn't sit right.  I mean, this new crap they make?  I can take or leave that, but Jungle Book?  No.

Of course, his point was that he'd been listening to the radio and Louis Armstrong had recorded a version of BN back in the 70s (it was 1973 on the radio tonight).  My point is Jungle Book.  lol

Now, back to editing, betaing and writing.  In that order.  And no cookies until I'm done editing. :stern look at self:

Wow.  I wrote a whole post without talking about....that show.  :)
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Overclocked )

After Earth )

ETA:  Also, just got another editing enquiry!  For money!  Woot!
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I'd heard the name of the movie a lot, but nothing really about it, so I had no idea what to expect.

Good cast.  Except for Bourne, I haven't seen Julia Stiles in grownup movies, and I liked her supporting role here.  I've had my eye on Bradley Cooper since Jack and Bobby (Am I supposed to italicize TV show names?  I can't remember.) and he's aging well.  Not that he's old yet or anything, but he's not hard on the eyes, either.

Sweet ending - I liked the way they made it through their dance thing and everything went smoothly except for the Big Move.  Plus, the whole scrambling to figure out where to put his face was damn funny.

UST didn't quite measure up to L/K, but you know, what does?
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Accents are inconsistent and a little bit ridiculous.  People from Atlanta don't talk like that.  At least none of the ones I've ever known have.  Katee's accent was mostly fine, but she didn't try to have a fake Southern accent.
I like Joyce/Katee.
When did Chad Michael Murray become an attractive adult man instead of a baby-faced hottie?  He's aging well.  Yes, indeed.

While the movie wasn't bad, Katee and Chad were definitely the best parts of it.  The very tail end was a poignant goodbye for Mr. Gordy, then the photo of the actual family years later was a nice finale scene.

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Watching Katee's The Last Sentinel.  The special effects in this movie are, in a word, TERRIBLE. I mean, so bad that even I can see how bad they are.

Katee's good, though.  lol  She's quite possibly the only good thing about this movie.  Her character reminds me quite a bit of Starbuck.

Background music's good, so there's two good things.

The kissing scene was sweet - tentative and careful and in keeping with Tallis' personality.  It was also fitting that about the only time Tallis ever smiled during the film was while he was teaching Katee's character ("Girl") to fight.

Katee could have done much better than this, and the ridiculously bad special effects never improved, but hey, Katee!  So, it evens out.  :D
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I posted two stories yesterday to AO3.  One has 8 hits today, one has 33.  Guess which one has spanking in it?  lol  I love watching the hit counts - it's fun to see which stories people are reading as compared to which ones are my favorites.  Very educational, if I knew what it meant, that is.

Death Race 3: Inferno - Mindless C-movie at its finest, complete with blatant misogyny and gratuitous female nudity.  Unfortunately also included some gratuitous male nudity I could totally have lived without. :)  Ends with unnecessary expositional montage, but whatever.  Filmed entirely in Capetown and some other C-city (Ceres, maybe?), South Africa.

This'll be a busy week.  Either the landlord or I (or both) have something outside the house every day this week.  Much more activity than normal.  Tonight was the first with a trip to Sonny Bryan's for BOGO tax day food.  I thanked the friend who came over to go with us, and he said, "Your food was free, what are you thanking me for?"  Well, he drove, which didn't use my gas, and he bought my drink.  Plus, I think "thank you" is written in my bones.

I got an unopened copy of The Last Sentinel (that shrink wrap was a pain!) in the mail today.  I don't expect much from the movie, but it's got Katee in it, so I had to see it.  :)  And it didn't cost me anything, so yay.

Oh, and I need another beta reader, sometimes.  I don't write epics.  My longest pieces is 2700 words, and my average is 550.  I don't write every day, or rather I don't have something that needs looking at every day.  Mostly just content - this is unclear, this is stupid, you used the word 'just' 27 times in this thing (boy did E.L. James need someone to tell her this w/regard to 'clamber' in book one), who's talking here, how did she get over there, that kind of thing.  Grammar and spelling I have covered.  Anyway, my main reader is fantastic, and is an enormous help with the finer points of smut, and she's also a newly-engaged working mom who travels for work, so, not always available to be at my beck and call.  (right.)

I need an Alfred.  Oooh.  That would be so much fun, listening to someone read me the parts of my stories that are problematic in a proper British accent.  Or Scottish.  OK, maybe that's just me.  Never mind.  :D

I need to win the lottery.  What?  I asked the universe for a full tank of gas last week and got one.  It's worth a try!
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Rented Safehouse last night, to use up my last RedboxInstant credit.  Still not impressed with RedboxInstant, if you're keeping track.

I don't remember seeing anything about this movie in trailers or any other advertising, but it had Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in it, so I figured what the hell.

Another Ryan Reynolds film that surprised me with how good he is.  I also saw Foolproof sometime last year, and that was a Canadian production that maybe didn't blow me away, but I enjoyed more than I expected since I'd never heard of it.

Safehouse is based in South Africa - Capetown and Johannesburg - and is just about nonstop action, once the action starts.  Good guys and bad guys are completely unclear, except for Matt Weston, Ryan's character, at least until the end, and it ends on a semi-triumphant couple of upnotes.

On a writing front, I have been working on expanding a series of shorts I wrote for bsg_kink, about Helo, and they are coming along quite nicely.  I'm still waiting on my beta, who is both sick and flying to Orlando today for work.  I've gotten the nod of approval from my daughter, though.  I wonder how many writers have their daughters read over their porn to see if it's any good?  lol  I have the best kid.

And to end totally positive, today is my girlfriend's birthday, and since I missed Thanksgiving, I haven't really gotten to talk to her (like, actual voice conversation) in a very long time, I'm getting taken to dinner tomorrow night at Sonny Bryan's, which is truly excellent BBQ, and I'm negotiating a free massage with a therapist who is opening up her practice to barter a select few days a month.  Also, I have a job this week, and will get paid.  I cannot tell you how great that is.
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So, End of Watch.  I don't even know why I picked it at the redbox.

Well, yeah, I do.  Jake Gyllenhaal.

The upclose camera angles were headache and nausea inducing.  Might have been better to watch that one in a theater, where I could be several dozen feet away.

Nothing I'd read in any descriptions prepared me for the end.

There were a couple of hysterically funny moments, like Zavala's wife giving Taylor's wife advice on marriage at the wedding reception, and the very end, when they play a piece of the film Taylor's making for his film class.  Mostly, it was everyday, ordinary cop work in South LA, with a strong emphasis on Zavala and Taylor in their car, making conversation.
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There's a moment, about ten minutes in, when Bond is drowning, and you can see exactly how well Daniel Craig is built.  :ahem:  It's reminiscent of a popular still from the set of BSG.  heehee

What?  I've been writing smut, and I'm feeling shallow at the moment.  :D

Dame Judi Dench is the bomb diggity.

I like suspenders on a man.  They give his trousers the right....drape.

The new Q is adorable.

Scruff does not look as good on DC as it does on some other men.  At least not the scruff he was sporting here.

I laughed out loud several times.  I think my personal favorite is "Welcome to Scotland."

I loved that house - out in the middle of nowhere, plenty of room to tramp around, water nearby.  Spectacular!
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Henry Cavill's voice has changed since Count of Monte Cristo.  I can only say, "YUM."  Also, he's grown into his shoulders in a most pleasing manner.  I wouldn't have kicked him out of bed back when he was a beautiful 18-year-old.  That is even more true now.  Double YUM.  That is all.

The movie has Bruce Willis in it, too.  He's also pretty.  And Bruce Willis, you know.  lol
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Landlord and I discussed Karate Kid, comparing the relative merits of Ralph's Daniel LaRusso to Hilary's karate kid, and while we were at it, threw around the basic outline of a final movie in the Karate Kid franchise.  It would pay homage to Pat Morita/Mr Miyagi, and bring the series to a close in a satisfying way, with just the right touch of nostalgia for both the characters and the audience.  Villain/s of several varieties good reason for keeping to himself at first, reason for getting talked into teaching, motivations behind teaching, with shout-outs to Miyagi's house, that car, the bad kid from the first movie, the whole thing.

Rick suggested Sam Raimi as the director.  Maybe.  The screenplay, though, having the screenplay written properly would be key.  No need to go cheesy or over the top to be as good as the first film was (or the first three if you liked them all).

Ralph's aged nicely and isn't in a series right now.  With some physical training to get himself into condition (assuming he's not already keeping himself fit), he could pull it off.  Billy Zabka would reprise his role as Johnny Lawrence.  He's made a series of what-the-fuck-were-you-thinking movies, so maybe this would be a nice change.  There'd be carefully chosen and edited flashbacks to Morita as Miyagi.  There would be no mention whatsoever of Jaden Smith and his version of the KK.

With the right screenplay, right cast and definitely the right director, this could be really, really good.  We got so excited about it that he went to write it all down before he forgot it.  lol
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I will obviously not be getting my money's worth from the streaming side of my Redbox Instant free trial.  Most of those movies are either older than I am (and in movie years, that's.....saying something) or are C or D movies that I've never heard of, even from my friends who like that schlock.

Oh, well.  I guess I'll have to be content with four free kiosk rentals.  lol
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Got a free trial of Redbox whateverthehellitis.  Anyway, first movie I watched was One For the Money, with Katie Heigl.  Pardon me, Katherine Heigl.  Whatever.  It is hysterical.  Much funnier than I expected.  Jason O'Mara brings the innuendo, bless the man.
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