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They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. It's true. When the ads started showing up, I was like, "WTF?" Oh, yeah. I expired. Frak. Note to self: that's why you want a paid account. lol

I have been so frakking busy. I feel like I'm not getting anything done, but I am, 'cause I've got checklists getting checked off. If I owe you something, it's on its way. I promise.

send help.  or a shovel.

ETA: Happy Birthday, [ profile] juliekaye! Sorry I missed it!
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Okay, so I spent a goodly number of hours at the ER overnight, because my right hand hurt a LOT. Like I couldn't pick up a pen a lot. Called the Nurse Line, and the nurse told me it didn't sound like an emergency, but I should get it looked at within twenty-four hours, and I could go to any of the walk-in clinics in the hospital system.

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I have the weirdest fucking life.

For reference:

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I owe some beta and comments out there, and I swear, I'm getting to it. I had a slight malfunction yesterday, and today is pretty much a total loss, but I'll steal the time from somewhere and get your stuff back to you.

Mea culpa.
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Once again, [ profile] theferrett puts my thoughts into words, so much more articulately than I usually can.

I am not normal (frankly, I don't think anybody is, but that's just my personal opinion). I am okay with my abnormality. Some days I hate my brain because some days it feels like it hates me. But I also love my brain, because I see/perceive things in ways other people don't or can't.

Sometimes, I wish depression were a monster I could just slay and be done with it. Unfortunately, it is more like a Goa'uld, which has wound its way around my spine and brain stem, and which can never be separated from me without killing me. But because it is so intrinsically a part of me, I learn things from it, I arrive at insights I wouldn't normally get within ten miles of. The curse is also a gift, and if the world is a balancing act, then I have it so someone else doesn't have to.

Basically, instead of killing my demon, or railing against it, I've learned (am still learning) to live with it. Key word being live.
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Yeah. Getting a diagnosis is good. Getting the right diagnosis is like heaven. 'Cause repeatedly being told you're fine, you "just need to lose weight" sucks, when you know there is something going on inside your body that needs attention.

Yes, I'm fat. But that's not all I am, and most of this started when I was skinnier than you, frakker.
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Link to article with more information.

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If reading this resonates strongly for anybody, remember one thing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

P.S. I am choosing to leave this post public, so if you are a person who likes to keep your private life to a small circle of friends, please keep that in mind if/when you comment.
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"I saw his Widow Twankey. And that's not a loaded remark." :Patrick fans himself with his whiteboard.

OMGs the two of them are hysterical!
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Thanks to [ profile] marakara for the link to this.

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I am such a sap today. Everything is making me cry, and that is no exception.

I'm not afraid to die - it's going to happen someday, and I believe there's something interesting waiting for me on the other side. But alzheimer's? That disease terrifies me.
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This is really, really cool.

Link goes to YouTube.
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I followed a link on a comm today to try to learn something more about using appropriate language with people who are not me. I finished the article, read the comments, and ended up more confused than ever. I still don't know what to call people who aren't me. Over the last year, I've learned that the label I put on myself isn't appropriate - it has to be prefaced. So if I don't know what to call myself, how am I supposed to know what to call everyone else?

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My apologies if I failed to express myself adequately or if I did it in a way that offends you. It is definitely not intentional.

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