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Edge of WildEdge of Wild by Danika Stone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FULL DISCLOSURE: I had the pleasure of reading this many months ago as an alpha reader, and I was gifted a digital copy of this book by the author. I am on the street team for this book. None of that in any way impacts my opinions. DK knows I would tell her if it blew.

Edge of Wild

The story has changed so much from initial writing to now, and is a better book for the input of Stonehouse Publishing.

Edge of Wild is a mystery. It's a love story. It's a paean to the Northern Rocky Mountains and Waterton, Alberta, Canada. It's a peek into the secrets kept even, perhaps especially, in a small town. Some of those secrets are worth killing over.

Rich is a fish out of water in Waterton, and he plans to enjoy the challenge of getting a hotel up and running in an area with not enough tourist traffic. What little enjoyment he has, though, is ruined piecemeal, with problems ranging from relatively fixable issues like plumbing to much more dangerous vandalism, along with creepy discoveries both in and outside of the hotel.

Lou is appealingly odd, and befriends Rich from the start when he brings his car in for repairs. She's got a gift for fixing things, a story for everything, and a ready smile whenever Rich shows up.

Edge of Wild is very much Rich's story, and yet Lou as his touchstone is integral to the plot.

You'll encounter suspense aplenty, with several smaller mysteries contributing to the larger plot arc. Intense descriptions of the scenery made me question more than once why I wasn't living there instead of in Texas.

Edge of Wild kept me reading every evening, is on my "rereadable" list, and has me more than curious about what comes next for this small town.

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The Church of Bloggesianism. Once you decide it's for you, you get to choose your own title. How cool is that? :D

LibraryThing's SantaThing. It's Secret Santa for booklovers! Amazon should have something like this, year round, for when people are feeling generous and just want to give some gifts. Let's say during my mom's birth month, October, I wanted to honor her. I could tell Amazon how much I wanted to spend, and they could randomly choose a wishlist for me, or someone who also has an October birthday. I wouldn't even have to know who. Wouldn't that be fantastic to get truly surprise birthday gifts from a total stranger? I think so.

Also, it snowed here on Sunday night. It melted pretty quickly once the sun hit it, but it was snow. On the ground. In November. Weird. And pretty. :D
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Know anyone who's independently published?

Here's a competition just for them.
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I did send that email. Here's her response.

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On the other hand, there's the author I did a beta read for over the weekend, and I eviscerated her book (granted, that's what she asked me to do.) and she was so happy with it that she's asked me to become her "official" beta reader - said she's been looking for a new one because her usual one has had some life changes that have made it impossible for her to continue.

That's not a money-making proposition, but it's one more way that the universe is telling me my life is about books/words/writing/reading. Maybe it's time I listened.
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Note: I haven't read these, because my NetGalley queue is already ridiculously backed up, but they sound good.

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If you should happen to read any of them, let me know what you think - my amz wishlist(s) is also ridiculously out of control, but I'm always willing to add things to it so I have plenty to choose from when I have a bit of amz money to spend.
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ETA:  Also, just got another editing enquiry!  For money!  Woot!
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Thanks to your rec, [ profile] callmeonetrack, I got Sins and Needles (even though it wasn't free, how about that?) and quite liked it.  I like the author's writing style and went and found the first two in the other series - one free and one for 99 cents and got those, too, since the sequel to S&N doesn't come out until summer.  There were some places where the wording or sentence structure was awkward and it could have read more smoothly, but at least I didn't find any outright errors.  :sigh:  The love scenes were meh - I like fanfiction better.  lol  Ellie is very complicated, like Kara, though I think Kara is closer to a heroine than Ellie is.  And maybe I identify more with Kara because her background is closer to mine - I was abused, not bullied, as a kid.  I think, like many people, Ellie puts way too much emphasis on her scars and makes them more important than other people would IF they even noticed them.  We all have something like that, though, I think.  I did giggle at the BSG t-shirt reference.  I think I'll skip the prequel - we'll get enough Javier in the sequel when it comes out.  Books that have unresolved endings are tricky in that they have to be cut at the right place, in order to maintain interest in the characters and to keep from pissing people off.  Halle did that.  The big questions were resolved, but there's definitely more to the story, and I'm interested enough to want to read about it.  I'm also OK that this wasn't the HEA - such a complicated story can't realistically end happily in just a few days.  One more comment about Ellie, though - for gods' sake, why didn't they dump the frakking phones and get burners?  That'd probably be the first thing I'd have done - dump the contacts info to a SIM and toss the phones.

Made blueberry muffins tonight and when I tasted one afterward, it was awful.  I did notice they didn't rise right, but still.  Turns out, when I looked at the box, its 'best by' date was May of 2012.  Ugh.  No wonder.  On both counts.

Sold something on Bonanza, tagged and filed the email, then promptly forgot about it.  Thankfully, I got a reminder email this morning, so I could ship it out.  I have to be more careful about that.  Reputation is everything in online sales.

Last night's Hawaii 5-0 was sort of fun, or at least parts of it were.  I have a friend that used to derby here in Dallas, and I kept meaning to go to a match, but she moved and I got less interested.  The focus wasn't on the derby so much in this episode, but it did make me want to go to an actual match.  What few sports I like to watch, I much prefer to do so in person, just because the energy isn't the same watching on the telly.  Steve was a complete jackass, both to his mother and his girlfriend.  He looks pretty all in black, though.  And I probably wouldn't kick him if he tried to hug me.  :)

Just for giggles, I read through all of Jamie Bamber's tweets, since he just recently joined.  He is silly and a little odd and kind of funny.  Someone made a big deal on one of his tweets, where he let Katee know he was following her, that Katee wasn't following him back and it was surprising that there was so much bad blood between them.  'Cause wow.  He joined like twelve hours ago and Katee hasn't followed him back yet so they hate each other?  Some people just like to stir up trouble, I guess.

Oh, and last but not least, one of the authors I reviewed contacted me and asked if I was available for proofing/editing work.  I'm quietly squeeing over here, because frak, yeah!

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'Cause yeah, my brain is too tired to come up with something intelligent to call this.

Last week, landlord went to the movies with a friend on New Year's Day.  They came back about the time I was heading out the door because I was ravenous.  They decided they were sort of hungry, too, mostly for dessert, so we all went to the same place.  Oh, did I mention this friend was on the recovering end of sick?  You can see where this is going.  Yes, landlord and I both got sick, and apparently with something completely different from the friend, though I contest that is because our immune systems are already compromised and so we are handling it differently than she did.  Anyway, I'm still recovering, and doing the slightest little thing wipes me totally out.  Last week, I slept through nearly four entire days, and didn't turn my computer on for three of them.  Didn't turn my computer on at all.   That's sick, folks.  lol

And yet, somehow I did some kind of time warping, because despite sleeping through nearly four whole days and more than half of the other days, I finished seven books and a bunch of short stories, only one of which was on my To Review list.  Yes, I purposely picked books to read that were just because I wanted to read them.

Anyway, now I'm down to exhaustion and hacking up a lung at inopportune moments.  And randomly feeling like I haven't eaten in weeks. 

Landlord talked to a friend in the medical community who says that there are three big viruses going around, one the flu shot kills dead, one the flu shot didn't plan for at all, and one GI virus that is extremely tricky and keeps coming back.  I'm thankful we got the one in the middle.  I have zero interest in any kind of GI virus, unless it means I get endless men in uniform for the next year, in which case?  Sign. Me. Up.
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The other day, I was comparing buying books on Barnes and Noble to buying them on Amazon.  Mentally, I was doing this.  One of the things I really hate about BN is that books can have starred reviews with no text, and reviews can be left anonymously.  This does not help me decide whether or not I want to read a book, nor does the anonymous factor give me confidence that it's not someone close to the author just leaving bucketloads of five-star reviews, which is why I generally read the reviews on Amazon, even if I'm buying a book for my Nook.  :sigh:  So, I'm ranting about it in my head (yes, I do this) and it occurs to me that I could copy all my reviews from Amazon over to BN.  Not that I think I'm the best reviewer in the history of reviewers, but even if my reviews don't help anybody, they can't hurt.  So, yeah, that's tonight's project.  Yes, I know I'm strange.

I get to spend the weekend with a friend, catching up on the TV on her DVR, stuff she saves to watch with me.  We have loads of fun, giggling and cackling and ogling, and commenting on whether or not certain characters reflect well on their real-life counterparts (mostly, this relates to military and police, because we like both).  She has promised me there will be chocolate, and since my landlord/roommate still hasn't sprung to fix the frakkin' washer, I'll get to do my laundry.  Huzzah!

I'll be staying in Dallas this year for Thanksgiving.  My girlfriend is having some issues at home and doesn't have room to put me up.  This is sad-making, because I so look forward to being home in SA every year and spending time with her.  We love to antique together, and we try to always fit in a trip to Bussey's just to see what's out there.  We've found some really fantastic bargains out there in years past.  Thanksgiving is pretty much the only time I see her until I'm able to move back home.  Plus, we host Airmen from Lackland every year, and that's always fun for us and them.

I'm slowly but steadily working my way forward in the No Takebacks comm, and there have been some really fascinating conversations about pilots and BSG in general, plus LOTS of pretty pictures.  I've only managed to watch the mini on my new DVDs, but I did luck into season three on swapadvd, and my TV friend mentioned above has said that she wants to watch BSG, too.  I will just adore watching BSG with her.  And maybe corrupting her into hot!pilots! fandom.  ;D  Plus, I have to find someone to clean the surface of a couple of the DVDs I have.  The mini has forty seconds that are messed up (the President's my Captain Apollo moment with Lee) and the last DVD in 2.5 looks like it might have a tiny scratch.  :(
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More out of the blue requests from people for me to review their books. I'm flattered, but can't figure out why. Is it because I use complete sentences, proper grammar, and spell all my words correctly, or just because it isn't written in textspeak?

I had to look. I'm in the top 8000 reviewers now.


Oct. 22nd, 2012 12:35 am
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Made myself write two reviews. One was a freebie on Amazon, and another was a request from someone. Neither was a good book, and I was really frustrated to read two crappy books in a row.

Now, to reward myself, I shall read more Battlestar Galactica smut. That'll get rid of the aftertaste from those books.
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So far, I'm actually really liking this reading. Chris Noth reads the main narrative, and Robert Gillaume reads the parts related by Alex Cross.

Having seen this movie, it's slightly easier to visualize things as they are described, and Robert Gillaume's voice sounds enough like Morgan Freeman to not be distracting.

The listening is going faster than I expected, considering my last try. I've already made it to CD 2, and only started listening yesterday on the way home from work.

This experience is much more positive than that first one.
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There may be a one-day sale coming up this month. Dates are reported to be Valentine's Day weekend or the end of the month. If you sign up for a club card ($10), you get free goodies on one-day sale days. Freebies could be tote bags or book plates or other stuff.

If you have one near you, the club card might be worth it to get free stuff, plus you'd get advance notice of sales, I would imagine.
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I realize that I don't keep up with the latest scientific advancements, but...

To my knowledge, it is not genetically possible for an O parent and an AB parent to have a biological child who's AB. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This took me out of the story completely and ruined the last 10 pages. I'm having deja vu. I wonder if I already posted this, or only thought I posted it. Oh, well.

Also, Alias. That whole thing with Will and the second double and the DNA matching. Seems to me that a DNA person could tell just by looking that the DNA was female and Will would have been cleared by default. Am I mistaken?

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