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Dec. 31st, 2015 03:58 am
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If you want to read my fiction, definitely check out My AO3 .  Everything I write gets posted there, including commentfic, RPF, fics involving underage characters having sex, and original fiction. Those don't get posted here for various reasons, and some of them are locked to AO3 members only.

All my fic posts here are public, so anybody can read them, whether or not you've friended my fic journal.

My fanfic in this journal is entirely Battlestar Galactica 2003 -  mostly Kara paired with somebody.  I write a lot of smut, some genfic when the prompt strikes me just right. Any fic I write for other fandoms will only be posted to AO3.

I love fic recs, especially for good Kara/Helo stuff, so please tell me about something good you've read. When I find something Kara/Helo, I add it to the Thrace_Agathon collection at AO3.

And [ profile] newnumbertwo is my trusty beta, even when I forget to acknowledge her in the posts, which I am ashamed to say happens often. We've added [ profile] laura_mayfair to our writing village, and she's a welcome addition. Sometimes, [ profile] singerdiva01_sk helps, and we like having her around, too.

By no means a comprehensive list of my fics, the following is a listing of ongoing or complete series or chapterfics. Some people would call the latter WIPs, but since each chapter stands alone in the same 'verse, I don't consider these works-in-progress


Because I've seen this happening all over fandom, I'm putting this out there for the record.

I have no intention of taking my stuff down, either here (it's part of the reason I made a separate fic journal) or on AO3. If something were to happen to me, I can't imagine my daughter or my beta village would do so, either. But...if you save something offline for your own reading use, and for some reason my stuff is no longer available, please feel free to share my works with whomever asks.
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Ten drabbles for [ profile] femslash100's Kinks Drabble Cycle.

Altered States - Extra-Curricular Kara/Cally
Authority - Make a Choice Kara/Kat
Bathing - Hard Work, Naked Kara/Laura
Biting/Bruising - Flick Kara/Kat
Punishment - And Follow Through Kara/Kat - follows Make a Choice
Self-Love - In the Mood Kara
Texture - Lily White Kara/Laura
Toys - Mission Gina/Helena
Whipped - Whipped Gina/Helena
Worship - Unfettered Kara/undisclosed
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Big Bang is LIVE!!

Here is Some Assembly Required, Part I. Read the tags, just in case, but I don't think this part has anything particularly triggering.
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Nongraphic references to Kara's abuse and to Zak's death.

Prompt: [ profile] no_takebacks: Bill gets a clue and sends K/L to 'couples therapy' in S1 or S2. They are required to attend in order to remain working together as CAG/lead pilot. (I didn't quite stick exactly to the prompt.)

Not recently, but [ profile] newnumbertwo and [ profile] laura_mayfair had their beta eyes on it more than once. :D Thank you, ladies!

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Kara calls Lee when Zak's out of town.

Inspired by the songs Need You Now by Lady Antebellum and Lips of an Angel by Hinder.

Many moons ago, [ profile] newnumbertwo and [ profile] laura_mayfair put their beta eyes on this.

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Theme: Truth or Dare
Prompt: Double Dog Dare, Kara/Lee, in the water [ profile] plaidslytherin

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BSG S1 Promo Still

Something about the prompt photo struck a chord and made me want to write a fic or ficlets where the kiss passes down the line from Adama to Sharon, even if the kisses were imaginary. This is the result.

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[ profile] rounds_of_kink Round Twenty-five
Prompter & Prompt: [ profile] baliao Kara gets bored easily.
Kink: any/fluff/banter

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[ profile] rounds_of_kink Round Twenty-five
Prompter & Prompt: [ profile] baliao The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
Kink: any/domination/jealousy/knifeplay

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Response to the Take Ten Challenge on [ profile] getyourwordsout. My prompt was jacket or coat.

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Trigger Warnings: This fic contains references to non-consensual spanking as discipline, abuse of authority, Kara's childhood abuse, and implications of abuse in the current relationship.

If any of those things are triggers for you, please read with caution, or a friend nearby.

Sequel to Insolence.
Bill finds out about Lee's disciplinary procedures.

I started this well over two years ago, and it got bogged down in psych details. I'm not completely thrilled with it, but it works as a bridge between the beginning and the end. Constructive criticism is welcome - I have no practical experience with this particular kink or its psychological repercussions.

Thanks to [ profile] newnumbertwo and [ profile] laura_mayfair for beta and patience with my general moodiness over this piece.

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Summary: Audrey meets Aurora. This is part of my Healing Arts series.

Written for [ profile] femslash100 Challenge 456: Gentle.

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Summary: Kara plants a rose in the back yard to mark a special occasion. This is part of my Healing Arts verse.

Notes: Pictures of the rose in question, also called Celestial or Celeste, are here.

Written for [ profile] femslash100 Challenge #455: rose.

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Summary: Kara wonders how long she can keep Laura in the dark, how long before Laura makes her leave because she's not good enough anymore.

Notes: This is part of my Healing Arts verse. Zak is not a good guy in this verse.
There are references to Kara's ordeal in this fic, but nothing graphic. Still, if you have rape triggers, please read with caution or a friend close by.

Beta by [ profile] newnumbertwo and [ profile] laura_mayfair <3

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Summary: This wasn't where Kara Thrace thought she'd end up.

Notes: Written for [ profile] hc_bingo's April Amnesty Challenge
Prompts: unwanted transformation, forced to face fear, falling, interrogation

Beta by [ profile] newnumbertwo and [ profile] singerdiva01_sk <3

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Summary: An alternate version of Kara's suicide attempt in the Dollhouse.

Notes: Written for [ profile] hc_bingo - square twenty-one: lacerations or knife wounds.

References to suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, and childhood trauma

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