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Dec. 31st, 2015 03:58 am
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If you want to read my fiction, definitely check out My AO3 .  Everything I write gets posted there, including commentfic, RPF, fics involving underage characters having sex, and original fiction. Those don't get posted here for various reasons, and some of them are locked to AO3 members only.

All my fic posts here are public, so anybody can read them, whether or not you've friended my fic journal.

My fanfic in this journal is entirely Battlestar Galactica 2003 -  mostly Kara paired with somebody.  I write a lot of smut, some genfic when the prompt strikes me just right. Any fic I write for other fandoms will only be posted to AO3.

I love fic recs, especially for good Kara/Helo stuff, so please tell me about something good you've read. When I find something Kara/Helo, I add it to the Thrace_Agathon collection at AO3.

And [ profile] newnumbertwo is my trusty beta, even when I forget to acknowledge her in the posts, which I am ashamed to say happens often. We've added [ profile] laura_mayfair to our writing village, and she's a welcome addition. Sometimes, [ profile] singerdiva01_sk helps, and we like having her around, too.

By no means a comprehensive list of my fics, the following is a listing of ongoing or complete series or chapterfics. Some people would call the latter WIPs, but since each chapter stands alone in the same 'verse, I don't consider these works-in-progress

Academy Frakbuddies - Kara and Karl meet in Basic and have an on-again off-again thing right through the end of Fleet Academy training. complete.
Home Is Where the Heart Is - Kara and Karl meet as teenagers and become friends, then more. Totally AU. ongoing.
Oliver's Place - This shorter series, set mostly at or around events at Oliver's Bar, lives inside the Homeverse. This set of fics takes Kara and Karl from their early Fleet days to their early married days. ongoing.
Some Other Beginning's End - an alternaverse where Zak realized Kara had feelings for Lee, and Kara had the courage to tell them she wanted them both. ongoing.
Turn Out the Lights - a series of fics in which Kara and Lee work their way from anonymous sex to going public with a relationship. complete.
The Healing Arts - a no-attacks alternaverse where Kara is badly injured in a Fleet accident, and during her recovery, she meets Laura Roslin. They develop a relationship, tested when Kara gets sent off-planet almost immediately upon being put back on duty. ongoing.

Homeverse starts with Something's Not Right Here, written for [ profile] bsg_epics, and ends with Date Night, written for [ profile] bsg_kink. The fics in between are not posted in order here on livejournal, but are in order on AO3.

Healing Arts starts with You're the One That I Want, written for [ profile] bsg_epics. The ending is currently just a concept and has not been written. The fics in this series are not posted in order here on livejournal, but are in order on AO3.

CHAPTERFICS - These are standalone chapters in ongoing alternate universes.
Checkers - Kara's planetside again, and she goes to Checkers Club to get back into the "swing" of things.
Great Game, Kara! - Zak wants to meet the new girl on the team, and ends up taking Helo home instead.
Kara and Lee Have a Grand Adventure - Kara doesn't poof, and she leads Lee on a merry chase on new Earth.
Need To Know - Alternaverse semi-set in the modern world where Kara has an older brother and her mother died when she was young.
Nicely - Based on a kinkfic wherein Kara and Lee can communicate telepathically. It's more tongue-in-cheek than cheesy.
Nobody Special - Zak was using Kara to pass Basic Flight. What happens after she finds out?
Paid in Full - an AU where lawyer!Lee helps out a wrongly accused Kara Thrace.
Playlist - Series of one-shots. Not songfic exactly, but what the song makes me think of when I hear it.
Running Away - Goes AU pretty much from the moment Kara introduces Lee to Sam in LDYBII.

Uncharted Territory - Lee asks his best friend Kara for a favor. A big one.

Because I've seen this happening all over fandom, I'm putting this out there for the record.

I have no intention of taking my stuff down, either here (it's part of the reason I made a separate fic journal) or on AO3. If something were to happen to me, I can't imagine my daughter or my beta village would do so, either. But...if you save something offline for your own reading use, and for some reason my stuff is no longer available, please feel free to share my works with whomever asks.

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